Q: How do I get a Big Bucks number?

A: Fill out a Registration ticket at any Vendor in Pictou County.  Deposit the left portion of the card in the box and keep the right side as this contains your Big Bucks Number which you write on the sticker.

Q: How do I play Big Bucks?

A: Go to any Vendor; take a round sticker off the side of the Big Bucks Box; Write your Number on the sticker. Put the sticker on the Toonie. Drop the Toonie in the Box.

 Q: When is the Draw?

A: The Draw is every Tuesday morning, Play prior to 7:00am Tuesday morning to be in on the draw.

Q: Is the Draw done from the Toonies?

A: No. The Draw is from ALL tickets

Q: How long is my Number in the Draw?

A: Your number will remain in the draw until you cancel it or one year has passed.  You have to play your number at least ONCE per year to          remain active.

If you want your number removed, it has to be registered for one year and then you can cancel your number in writing to Big Brothers Big Sisters, P.O. Box 781, New Glasgow, N.S. B2H 5G2, dropping a note in any Big Bucks box requesting it be cancelled (include your name, Big Bucks number) or send an email with the same information to bigbrothers@bellaliantcom

Q: What is “Roll-Over”?

A: If a player did not play their Toonie and their number is drawn, that prize rolls over to the next week’s draw and can continue to build until a number is drawn that has been played that week.

Q: Can I play more than One number?

A: Yes. Fill out another Registration Card to get another number.

Remember…a number needs to be played (paid) every week to win. There is no advantage to playing the same number on multiple Toonies as we draw from the registration forms NOT the Toonies.