1. You must be 18 years of age to play.
  2. Must be a Nova Scotia resident when you purchase your Big Bucks number.
  3. BIG Bucks is open to the general public and subject to provincial laws and regulations.
  4. Staff or board members of Big Brothers Big Sisters may not participate.
  5. To play you must first place one part of the registration form in a “BIG BUCKS” box at any one of our locations. The other part also has your number and you keep it for your records.
  6. Registrations cannot be sold in GROUP names. One name per registration.
  7. Every registration form has a unique number on it. This is your number to play for life. It is your responsibility to keep track of your number.
  8. Registrations will be collected and added to the registration list. Each number will correspond to a player’s name.   Registration numbers will then be placed in the Drum at Big Brothers Big Sisters.
  9. If a player wants their number removed from the draw, the player must cancel a number, in writing, to have it removed from the draw and can only do so after one year.
  10. Each week you wish to play you must place a Toonie in one of the “BIG BUCKS” boxes. This toonie must have a sticker with your number on it (stickers provided at outlets).
  11. A manual draw will be made each week from ALL the numbers registered and in the drum.
  12. Your number qualifies to win ONLY if you have “paid and played” that week.
  13. If you have not “paid and played” or your “pre-paid (extended play)” status has expired, and your number is drawn the pot will build for the following weeks draw.
  14. Place a Toonie in the box for each number you play.
  15. Always check the “playing for” date on the top of the box to make sure you are aware of which draw you are entering.
  16. You can play as many different numbers as you want, but only play one Toonie per number, if you want more chances to win, register another number as there is no advantage to playing the same number more than once each week as we draw from the registration numbers not the Toonies.
  17. If two different numbers are placed on one Toonie it will be considered null and void.
  18. You can join BIG BUCKS or register more numbers anytime
  19. Players can register for long term play (Extended Play): 13, 26 or 52 weeks and your number is good for the number of weeks you registered for long term play.
  20. Long term play (Extended Play) can be paid for by calling 752-6260 to register.
  21. Long term play (Extended Play) payment includes cash, major credit cards and debit.  Cheques are not accepted.
  22. Please write your number clearly to avoid confusion. Draw a line under, hard to identify numbers such as 6 or 9.   Illegible numbers are null and void and will not be accepted into the draw.
  23. It is the responsibility of the player to inform Big Brothers Big Sisters in writing of a change of contact information.
  24. It is the responsibility of each player to keep track of their long-term play and when it expires.
  25. Every effort will be made to contact the winner.  If the prize is unclaimed after 90 days, a special draw will be made for the unclaimed prize.
  26. All Toonies from the BIG BUCKS boxes will be collected every Tuesday between 7:00 AM – 10:00.  Play by Monday to avoid disappointment.
  27. Big Brothers Big Sisters is not responsible for you missing the deadline.
  28. The draw will take place at the Big Brothers Big Sisters office at approximately 3:00 p.m. on Tuesdays.
  29. The draw will be announced on Mix 94.1 after 10:00 a.m. every Wednesday, posted on social media and on the website pictoucounty.bigbrothersbigsisters.ca For a Rollover prize, only the number drawn is published.
  30. If the winning number has been played the winner will be notified by phone.  Prize money will only be paid to the person whose name corresponds with the registration form of the winning number.
  31. The winning participant’s number and prize amount will be displayed at all BIG BUCKS outlets.
  32. A picture ID and mailing address is required to collect your winnings.
  33. Winners can pick their cheque up at Big Brothers Big Sisters, 323 MacGregor Street, New Glasgow anytime on Thursday after 12:00 p.m.
  34. You must agree to allow Big Brothers Big Sisters to announce your name and use your photo for promotional purposes.
  35. If an error occurs in the announcement of the weekly pot total (i.e. if there is a typo mistake on the flyer, in the paper or on social media, etc.), the official pot shall be the documented pot total on the final tally sheet at Big Brothers Big Sisters.
  36. Please note when Tuesday falls on a holiday the draw day may be changed to accommodate stores that are closed, etc. this will be announced on Mix 94.1, social media and at each vendor the week before the change.
  37. In the event a deceased person’s number is drawn and qualifies to win (IE pre-paid) the cheque will be made out to their estate.
  38. No refunds.