How to Play BIG BUCKS

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Go to any of the 19 locations listed below (including the Big Brothers Big Sisters office) to play BIG BUCKS weekly

Start by reviewing our Rules click here

  1. Complete a pre-numbered registration ticket (these are in the slot on the side of the box)
  2. Place the half of the ticket that has your contact information on it into BIG BUCKS box. You and your number are now registered.
  3. Keep the other half, this has your BIG Bucks number on it, This is “your” number to play every week.
  4. Write “your” number on a sticker (also in the slot on the box), place the sticker on a Toonie and place it in the BIG BUCKS box.
  5. Do this every week. Register and play as many numbers as you want.
  6. A draw will be made every Tuesday from all registrations. If your number is drawn AND YOU HAVE PLAYED you win half the weekly pot. If you HAVE NOT PLAYED the pot “builds” until there is a winner.

Or register here and all you will have to do is go into any vendor and put a sticker on a Toonie with your number on it and drop it in the box.

NOTE: You only need to fill out a form ONCE for each number you play. Every number you register stays in the drum so do not fill out a new form each week…..simply put the number you registered on a Toonie and drop it into the slot (stickers are provided and are kept in the side of the green Big Bucks box)

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New Glasgow

Big Al’s Convenience – North Provost St.

Big Brothers Big Sisters Office – 323 MacGregor Street

NEEDS – East River Road

NEEDS/SHELL – East River Road

Wilsons Gas Bar – Marsh Street

Heather Bowling Centre – East River Road

Highland News – Highland Square Mall


NEEDS – Main Street


NEEDS – Main Street


Irving – Church Street

NEEDS – Church Street

East End Grocery – Denoon Street

Woody’s Variety – West River Road


Poulain’s Pharmachoice

Sobeys Fast Fuel – Lourdes

Sobeys Fast Fuel & NEEDS – Roundabout


Cross Roads Country Market – Thorburn

Lyon’s Brook Rite Stop – Lyon’s Brook

Wilson’s – Westville Road